LocationHouse of Art České Budějovice Authorslenka křemenová, david maštálka, jakub filip novák, marta maštálková Cooperationtereza schneiderová completion2012 Othersthanks to Michal Škoda
“Small Houses“ are the result of our internal workshop, within which each of us designed several authentic houses. We decided to explore the theme of limitless living in a limited space. The main drive came from the ambition of finding and designing houses, which even though conventionally classed as small, hide inside a specific form of bigness.
We look for houses with a large content in a small package, houses with internal poetry. All concepts were purposefully conceived independently of context and of the residents themselves. Even so, in all of us remained the will to design buildable houses. We avoid the unachievable utopian dreams of architects. We did however realize that we subconsciously translate childhood memories into projects such as the joy of sitting in a tree or a moment of triumph after building a bunker in the back garden. ‘Small’ for us does not mean uncomfortable, inadequate and especially not minimal. It means more inviting, human and cozy.

Size is not fate, size is choice.