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LocationVojtěšská street 9, Prague 1 Clientpapelote s.r.o. Authorslenka křemenová and david maštálka Cooperationpapelote Study2010 completion2010
The first papelote stationary shop opened up in June 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic.
It is a new concept store of hand made stationary, which is directly connected with the workshop, where all the designs and products are made. In spring 2010 Kateřina Šachová, Denisa Havrdová and Filip Šach, the founders of papelote asked us to help them to define an original interior for selling their paper recycling oriented design.

The material is the main subject for all papelote products. All the recycled papers, cartoons
or pen-cases made out of felt originate basically from natural materials. Also the principle motif of the interior design derives from papelote´s recycling philosophy. We decided to slightly uncover the history of old house by exposing colourful layers of scraped plaster. We have also discovered beautiful oak parquet under the carpet and polished them. The theme of stationery subconsciously reminds us the school times, so we decided to display the goods as if being on noticeboard. We used the metal clips (aprox 180pcs) to fasten the products on the "noticeboard" wall. It is an playful and interactive way how to introduce new designs or small exhibition of the workshop. The opposite wall with blakboard brings the interior a second changeable layer - it serves well for small paper workshops for children and even adults.

The space is devided into two parts. The shop with the windows facing the street and the workroom opened to the courtyard. We have vaulted the high ceiling of the shop using the cartoon stuck on papelote original wrapping paper. The main entrance wall is furnished with plywood boxes, which store the papelote products. Plywood was also used for two big mobile tables, their variability enable to change the shop into the exhibition or the small workshop.

The part oriented to the courtyard serves as a workroom with all appliances for paper fabrication, it is also a storage for all the materials and finished products. Some manufacturing of small pieces like envelopes or writting pads could be also seen directly in the shop.