LocationPrague 1 - Malá Strana - Kampa Clientprivate person Japan/Czech Authorslenka křemenová, david mštálka, tereza schneiderová CooperationLandscape4you Vojtěch Vecán (autor původní prostorové koncepce), Michaela Tomišková (glass and lighting design), Klára Šumová (fittings and furniture design), Michal Bačák (illustration) StudyJanuary 2013 completionautumn 2012 - spring 2017
We believe that every house, and every
apartment deserves unique details,
and special even very small places like
niches for flowers just to enjoy the moment.
These details are supposed to be tailor made
just for you, the dweller.
Here in Kampa there are great motives,
it is with no doutbs the great castle view,
and your passion for onyx.
Our challenge is to emphasize both,
and let them make your life wonderful.
So we came up with the idea of onyx moon inbuilt in your bedroom,
where it could shines within the evening western light...
The stone is the symbol of calm and eternity which
is in a great harmonical contrast with lively panorama of the river and the castle.
“The view is the day-the activity, and the onyx is the evening- the calm, when the sun comes down...”
Next to those main motives we tryied
to purify and simplify all the disposition of the apartment,
the connections, view axis, openings and inbuilt furniture
to make them usefull and also beautifull!