designed with love

LocationJílové ClientKřemen family Authorslenka křemenová and david maštálka Studyjanuary 2012 completionjuly 2012
There´s no more beautiful while difficult work for architects than design for their own family. A1architects started the project of kitchen and dining room refurbishment for Lenka´s parents last year. The old originally german house from the thirties of 20th century, which used to serve as an administrative building for wood workshop before World War II, was already refurbished in eighties and divided into 3 flats as most of the objects abondonned in Sudetenland. Lenka´s parents started to refurbish the house in nineties after Velvet revolution for the family housing purpose, but the kitchen had still remained the same. Finally there was the time for change last year...

interior concept
The aim of whole project was to give the old house the atmosphere of contemporary countryside, using the traditional materials combined with contemporary equipment. The main motive of the interior became mom´s passion for blue´n´white patterns of ceramics and porcelain. Her collection had no space in her old kitchen. Next to the colours it was very important to find out the solution for connecting the original small rooms so they became one continuous space for living and meeting the family.

All rooms are connected continuously by bleached oak floor planks. The white tones of inbuilt furniture and floor make background for individual pieces of furniture and accesorries, which play the main role. The stove is inbuilt in the rounded wall and its traditional blue ceramic tiles are used only for sitting niche. Dining room furniture is made out of oak with raw edges of original plank on the table. The paper chessboard like chandelier was designed and made by a1architects. The kitchen furniture is pure white in contrast with blue and patterned tiles

It is essential for architects to know any client´s and final user´s wishes and dreams and it´s just own family where it could be achieved the best, where we know each other perfectly!