pearl among Czech jewellery
LocationVězeňská street 9, Prague 1 ClientMike Pearls s.r.o. Authorslenka křemenová and david maštálka Graphicsmarta maštálková Studydecember 2012
A unique pearl shop to be opened in Prague Old Town near iconic shopping street Pařížská.

Gracious height and length are the main features for new retail space which is located at the groundfloor of 19th century building in Vězeňská street. Its long geometry naturally encourages towards the other world of dreams and passion with reflection of luxury. The main theme is the presentation of unique pearl jewellery itself. The atmosphere is delicate and elegant journey behind the mirror, it is almost sensitively minimal fairy-tale. Absolut perfectness of the miniature detail of jewllery is emphasized by the contrast of subdued colours and creamy shades.

The long triple retail space is unified by arched dark grey soffit, which slowly transforms into the walls. Dark walls are stopped above the floor by high wood plinth which hides inside cupboards and drawers. Jewellery itself is framed in lighted display vitrines, which are inbuilt within dark walls. The creamy plinth transforms into arched mirrors in certain corners of the shop. The light cream colour is used for all solitary pieces of furniture of the counter or round vitrines standing on elegant lightweight legs. At the entrance there is a tall vitrine, a doll like surrealist glazed figure, which shelters the best pieces of pearls in the shop. At the back of the long room the costumers can admire the details of desired jewellery in comfy armchairs.

shop entrance and window
Wooden frame of the port is designed in dark grey and is supplemented with black awning and black pearl like eyecatcher printed with Mike Pearls logo, which is also lighted at night.

Mike Pearls shop is pearl among Czech jewellery