new interior of inpatient departement realized from proceeds of Design Help 2010, thanks all who supported!!!
LocationUniversity Hospital Královské Vinohrady ClientEndowment Fund Janele, Heamatology departement Authorslenka křemenová, marta maštálková, petra kasová, david maštálka Graphicsmarta maštálková Studypodzim 2010 completionmay 2010 Builderhnt joinery, wiesner hager - seating, sanela - sink+faucets
In spring 2011 Design Help association had realized new interior of main hall of inpatient department at at the heamatology pavilion. The realization was funded and supported from the charitable sale of Design Help jewellery collection. The interior refurbishment has changed just utilitarian hall into a more amiable enviroment with a bit more familiar atmosphere. Important part of the high quality health care makes with no doubts the atmosphere of the enviroment within are all patients treated, especially during the chemotherapy patients need nice place to relax and meet their families and friends. Within tight budget and very strict regulation of high sterilized space Design Help team menaged to improve the hall to become a kitchenette with seating, where patients could enjoy their visitors with a cup of tea. This tiny intervention to hospital interior even improved the ergonomy of nurses space. There is a new counter only for nurses to prepare some medicals and store linings.
This project could not be realized without great support from firms Wiesner-Hager (seating and table), Sanela ( sink and faucets) and HNT joinery. Architecture design and whole coordination of the realization was done by a1architects as a voluntary project.