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Authorslenka křemenová, marta maštálková, petra kasová, david maštálka CooperationEva Maštálková, Miloslava Maštálková, Milan Maštálka, Petr Kas, Helena Petříčková, Kateřina Šachová, Jana Kozubková, Jindra Tichá Othersphotography : Petra Malá, Jana Šprinclová
The support for heamatology department
at královské vinohrady university hospital, Prague, Czech Republic.

Design Help, the association of young architects and designers from a1architects, take aim at supporting and directly improving the hospital enviroment in Czech Republic.

They are in active cooperation with The Heamatology Deparment at Královské Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague. Some of the cofounders have their own experience as patients at this department, that is why they had decided to find new way to improve the treatment from the enviroment design point of view. Important part of the high quality health care makes with no doubts the atmosphere of the enviroment within all patients are treated.

The group has designed original jewellery collection made from recycled safe hospital waste. Unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces were made out of different kinds of infusion lids, outdated infusion hoses etc. The collection is presented at Designblok10, Prague Design Week,which is one of the main partners and has provided a free space for Design Help.

Proceeds from the charitable sale will be used for Design Help projects in cooperation with Endowment fund Janele, which was found by team of doctors and nurses from the Heamatology Department.

A1architects as part of the Design Help team has prepared the project of new interior of the main hall of inpatient department at the heamatology pavilion.

The realization of new interior arrengement will be financially supported from the charitable sale of Design Help jewellery collection.

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