nor small or big
not almost seen
and yet unmissable
it´s just as it should be...
Locationprague 8 troja Clientprivate person Authorslenka křemenová and david maštálka Cooperationclient Studysummer 2013 completion2015 / 2016 Project specialistsEva Maštálková, Milan Maštálka, Petr Vacek, Petr Fůsek, Ladislav Košťál BuilderStavman Praha CraftsHNT carpentery Technical supervisionAleš Kulhánek
the house
There´s a little villa gently descending down the hill in Prague district called Troja. It seems as a little house from the street on the top of the hill, but it is big enough from the other side to be called villa with great panoramatic view of the valley. There is an entrance hall and tribune like terrace with great view of the opposite hillside. The roof terrace with the tribune will be one day completed with small timber structure of a graphic studio.
There are all other rooms of the house on the groundfloor, which is directly conected with the private part of the garden orchard. Simple light plaster facade with green window frames is accompanied with wooden details of pergolas, rain spouts and roof terrace tribune.

It is a big little villa designed just tailor made for their inhabitants,
it is cleverly inconspicuous...

the interior
Interior details were discussed alot and thoroughly designed according to 130m2 floor area, where four members family supposed to live happily. Most of the walls were used for built-in furniture and thus staircase hall becomes a huge library, there are deep drawers for graphic sheets under the stairs, window sills are enframed to work as long benches, doors are part of the built-in furniture too and even the central stove serves as a seating place with great view.
Simple cosiness followed by purpose in every corner.
Most of the furniture are made out of birch plywood with pure details of handles which are just holes or yellow railings and ladders.
The central motive of the living room is the grey stove, which could easily heat all the house.

The house is divided into two parts, the living side along the windows and directly contected with the garden and the second part of the bathrooms and technical service and storage sunk into the hill.
The entrance is upstairs on the level of the street.
The whole design of the house rose from very tight cooperation with the owners and the result is the place where we as architects are any time welcome, and that is what a1 love about the profession, the happiness of life within cosy yet simple enviroment.