18m2 for the shop´n´store
of 750pcs Botas shoe boxes
and the art gallery next to it...
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LocationKonviktská street 30, Prague 1 Clientartport s.r.o. Authorslenka křemenová and david maštálka GraphicsJan Kloss and Jakub Korouš Study2009 completion2009 BuilderEmtandem s.r.o.
The historically first Botas Concept Store and 66 Gallery opened up in December 2009
in Prague, Czech Republic. The name of the 66 Gallery derives from a successfully redesigned collection of legendary Czech trainers brand Botas Classic 66 by Jakub Korouš and Jan Kloss, young graphic designers from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
in Prague.

The idea of interior design came from two main client´s requirements. At once to store ca. 1000 pieces of shoe boxes within the floor area of about 52m2 and to operate
as a concept store together with a small contemporary art gallery.

We divided the whole space into two parts. On one hand there is the pure white gallery with the advantege of main windows and on the other hand in contrary is the dark (black) space of the Botas Concept Store, which is perfect for emphasizing the small scale details of shoes and the texture of yellow boxes, which were specially designed
for the 66 collection. The shoes and boxes are the principal motif of the store as they
are all round vertically exposed and organized within a black system of shelves.
Its fine-drawn geometry optically enlarges the space of only 18m2. It is a retail space together with storage with a final number of 750 shoe boxes. The shoppers have an overview of all types and sizes and the vendor has visual control of all displayed goods. The whole concept store works as an immediate statistics and spatial graph, which presents all Botas Classic 66 collection models. The layout of the store reminds the
66 Gallery logo in the round system of shelves and also in free standing furniture formed as the number "6". Remanent space behind the round shelves serve as dressing room, additional storage and staff facilities. The gallery entrance is framed by a transparent block of shelves, used for the presentation of other fashion accessories.
Small space limits are a big challenge for a1architects. Interior design of the Botas Concept Store was an experiment about optical enlarging of a small shop and in the same time creating a unique atmosphere.

The first exhibition, at the 66 Gallery a project presented by OKOLO, is called
CZ anatomy, which shows a dismantled Cezeta 175 motorcycle designed in the fifties. The exhibition is a reminder of the creativity and design of the early sixties with which the Botas trainers are so closely tied.